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Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Earth Day poem for a challenge

Poo-Poo to Plastic

There once was a young man named Michael
Who would constantly choose to recycle.
“See, our future depends,”
He would tell all his friends,
“On reusing from Maine to Lake Baikal."

Of his bottles of water he’d say,
“Though I drink many bottles a day,
Not one plastic have I;
I’m a S’well kind of guy,
And I urge you to swig the same way.”

To those shopping for staples he’d plead,
“There are alternate options indeed!
Offered plastic? Refuse!
They sell bags to reuse
Leaving nothing on which fish will feed.”

"And then lastly," he stated, “I’ve found
All those floss sticks or picks are not sound.
As a general rule,
Use the wax-coated spool
So we won’t find those picks on the ground!"

Author's Note:
Lake Baikal is an actual lake in Siberia.
S’well is a brand of a reusable water bottle.