In the meantime, enjoy the responses I have made to other prompts.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Madness Poetry- - Round Three!

Yes, It's Us

At 8 o’clock on Tuesday nights
My mom must watch T.V.
I just need sixty minutes, Sid,”
Is what she says to me.

I had not done my homework yet
And knew I ought to try,
But chose, instead, to walk outside
Where something caught my eye.

Above the trees a saucer-shape
Was spinning like a top.
Its ring of neon-colored lights
Flashed on and off non-stop.

I'd never seen a spaceship, but
It looked like one to me.
I ran back in and told my mom,
“You have to come and see!!”

I really want to watch my show;
Now go upstairs and play!”

“But Mom, I saw a U.F.O.!”

That’s what you always say!”

I promise I’ll be with you Sid
When 'This Is Us' is done.
For goodness sake; it's just an hour;
I only ask for one!”

“But Mom!”

Sidney Alowishus Johnson,
Get yourself to bed! “

We both turned our attention
When the news announcer read,
“Your show has been preempted to
Report a UFO.”

I simply smiled and said to mom,
“See. I told you so.”

The word I had to incorporate was "preempted." We had a limit of 1,000 characters this time.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Madness Poetry - Round 2!

Be the Boss!

I said to my mother, “I’m standing my ground;
No longer will anyone push me around!”

I then turned to Pete and said, “Food is not free;
Today is the last day you’ve leeched off of me.
You sit and you beg; you eat food off our table.
You won’t walk alone even though you are able.
You’re constantly taking my bed as your own.
You must make a change; you are almost full grown!
Pete, be the boss not the bump on the log!”

“Nice start,” said my mother. “But Pete is a dog.”

My word is "leeched." We still have a 500 character limit. I think I am at 470.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Madness Poetry Round 1 - winner

Miss Rose’s Very First Day of Teaching

We whispered to each other,
“Hey, her shirt’s on inside out.”
She tried to get us quiet;
In the end she had to shout.
She shocked us into silence
Until Jeremiah said,
“Miss Rose, your tags are showing,”
Then her face turned shades of red.
She tried to act unbothered
As she sat down in her chair,
But she knocked her cup of coffee
And the brew spilled everywhere!
We thought she might start crying,
But she laughed, and said, “I do…
Think my start’s been a debacle;
May I please begin anew?”

The word I was required to use was "debacle." We were limited to 500 characters. This is 494, I think!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Winning Entry in a Traditional Poetry Contest

Reach Out

If each of us extends a hand,
Responds with action, not with doubt,
United we can make a stand
To change our country’s current route.
If in your soul, you feel an ache,
Our rally force is undermanned.
Our moves can cause the ground to shake
If each of us extends a hand.

If each of us extends a hand
And spreads our varied strengths about –
If those who lead could take command,
If mentors could give counsel out,
If those who teach could pupils take,
If those with wealth could funds expand -
What a difference we could make
If each of us extends a hand.

If each of us extends a hand
I know we’ll quench this moral drought.
We need to try to understand –
Those folks who have and those without –
There’s more than each man’s dreams at stake.
This world is one no god has planned
Our grit may give, but will not break
If each of us extends a hand.

It’s not yet time to plan the wake.
We have to hope throughout the land
That it can change - for goodness sake
If each of us extends a hand.

The Ballade as its name suggests is a French form and along with the Rondeau was one of the first forms to be standardised in the 14th cetury. Written in syllabic prosody of any one line length, the original French forms were octosyllabic, but now decasyllable is more common, and iambic tetrameter etc; are just as acceptable.

The construction is 28 lines which are divided into three octave stanzas and a four line envoi.The rhyme and pattern do not change. It turns around on only three rhymes.and as is common with most French forms, the last line of each stanza is a refrain. The Envelope Ballade is just as interesting a form as the basic Ballade, however, the Refrain begins and ends each stanza. The construction is similar with the rhyme pattern changing to: A,b, a, b, c, a, c A, and the envoy c, a, c A,

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another Entry for Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words Writing Challenge

Have a Seat

Annabella sat alone
At the lunchroom table.

She was new and quiet too,
Thus earned the “awkward” label.

Then one day there came her way
A carefree girl named Mable.

Friendship made, they talked and played
As much as they were able.

For Vivian Kirkfield's 50 Precious Words Writing Challenge

Brother Bob

Brad was six; he wanted to be a twin. BUT, Brad was an only child. So, he imagined a brother, Bob. Brad talked to Bob and told him how much he wished he could see him. Then one day, Brad stepped in front of a full-length mirror and…found Bob!

50 words exactly, excluding the title.