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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Madness Poetry Round 1 - winner

Miss Rose’s Very First Day of Teaching

We whispered to each other,
“Hey, her shirt’s on inside out.”
She tried to get us quiet;
In the end she had to shout.
She shocked us into silence
Until Jeremiah said,
“Miss Rose, your tags are showing,”
Then her face turned shades of red.
She tried to act unbothered
As she sat down in her chair,
But she knocked her cup of coffee
And the brew spilled everywhere!
We thought she might start crying,
But she laughed, and said, “I do…
Think my start’s been a debacle;
May I please begin anew?”

The word I was required to use was "debacle." We were limited to 500 characters. This is 494, I think!

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