In the meantime, enjoy the responses I have made to other prompts.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Virelay Response to Gooseberry Garden's "The Kiss"

Your Kiss

For months I watched your lips and thought
how sweet your kiss would be.
A nectar to compare could not
exist on earth for me. 

When we hooked up I knew I’d see
a flash of dazzling light.
No potion-mix in chemistry
Could offer such a sight!

I also knew I’d have to fight
to keep my feet on ground.
The surge from your charisma might
Propel me heaven-bound!

And then at last, you came around
to set my passion free.
But nautiousness was all I found
when my lips locked with thee.

The Virelay has no fixed meter, but does have a rhyming scheme and is written in interlinking quatrains.

It alternates, first line is long, second line is short all the way through the poem.

There is no limit of the number of stanzas but the last stanza’s 2nd and 4th lines must rhyme with the first stanza’s 2nd and 4th lines.

Pattern of a Virelay:



Monday, August 29, 2011

Response to Sunday Scribblings prompt about our muse

Come Out; Come Out!

My muse, she oft’ plays hide-and-seek.
(I think she moonlights now and then.)
I find her once or twice a week;
Then next I look, she’s gone again!

I really wish she’d stay with me;
I know how great we two could be.
I also know, when she’s not there,
My inspiration cupboard’s bare!

Explanation of form:  A Rispetto Poem.
The poem contains two quatrains (4 lines each), 8 lines total.
The meter is iambic tetrameter: da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM
The rhyme scheme is abab ccdd


Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Hexaduad

Go Forth!

Set sail.
Take hold of the notion
the world is your ocean
Filled with a promise deep and wide.
Sometimes you’ll rock; sometimes you’ll glide.
Push off the shore;
Start to explore.
To test the horizon
You must raise the mizen.
With chance, be bold.
Of life, take hold.

The hexaduad consist of 12 lines.
The syllable count is 2,2,6,6,8,8,4,4,6,6,4,4
The rhyme scheme is aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff.


Friday, August 26, 2011

A Quinzaine

Do They Come True?

Dreams, their ships sail us through life.
How many of us
reach the shore?

A quinzaine is an unrhymed verse of fifteen syllables distributed in three lines.  The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question relating to that statement.  Here is the pattern:
Line 1: Statement of 7 syllables
Line 2: Beginning of question with 5 syllables
Line 3: End of question with 3 syllables


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Advice – For What It’s Worth

Speak not of how things should have been,
Nor dwell on where you might have gone
For you’ll not live those days again.

Sing out a song of what will be;
Embrace the chance that is today.
If yesterday is all you see,
Then life’s one break may pass away!

Though days gone by may leave their mark,
Their scars are healed by moving on;
Down Prospect’s road you should embark!

Don’t let your dreams sit idly by;
Pursue them with whole heart and soul.
Tomorrow is the reason why
There’s still a chance to reach your goal!

Why Me?

You think I’m going to walk to work, or maybe hitch a ride
And have to sit for miles with some stranger by my side?
You think I’m going to plant a tree to soak up CO-2?
Have you seen my schedule lately? I’ve got better things to do!

And then I’m supposed to skip my bath for several days a week?
I couldn’t stand to smell myself (and I know of what I speak).
That talk of paying bills online, is it really worth the risk
Of compromised security; did those earth guys think of this?

And what was that the newsman said, to start a compost pile?
Put coffee grounds into a pit and stir it for a while;
Add rinds and skins and paper towels to save the garbage heap;
The stench would be too much to bear; it’s something I can’t keep!

And what about those bottles that you want me to reuse,
Those coffee mugs I need to take and often tend to lose –
All this to save some sea life that I’ll never ever see.
Could someone please inform me what it’s got to do with me?

What? You tell me that my children and my children’s children too
Are dependent on this planet, as well as me and you?
That if I don’t soon change my ways there’ll be no planet there?
So I guess, then, what you’re saying is I better start to care.

A Poet’s Dream

I’m nothing but a blade upon the lawn of life,
That fertile bed on which a world of people grow.
Once tender green with time we turn a shade of brown;
A sign that like the rest, it is our time to go.

But how I wish that I could be that yellow rose
That stands out like the sun amid a sea of green;
That in my life I write those words in such a way
No other poet’s pad and pen has ever seen.

And even as my blossom wilts because of time,
I’d hope that like those roses that have grown before
I’d find like Frost, Walt Whitman, even Dr. Seuss,
My petals pressed in pages, there forevermore.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 prompt "An eye for an eye..."

To Jim, My Abuser

An eye for an eye?
You robbed me of my youth
then murdered my soul,
leaving a void
I cannot fill.
I searched for pieces of me
to resurrect,
but the who I am 
is not
the who I would have been.
An eye for an eye?
A soul for a soul?
I could never do to you
what you did 
to me.