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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why Me?

You think I’m going to walk to work, or maybe hitch a ride
And have to sit for miles with some stranger by my side?
You think I’m going to plant a tree to soak up CO-2?
Have you seen my schedule lately? I’ve got better things to do!

And then I’m supposed to skip my bath for several days a week?
I couldn’t stand to smell myself (and I know of what I speak).
That talk of paying bills online, is it really worth the risk
Of compromised security; did those earth guys think of this?

And what was that the newsman said, to start a compost pile?
Put coffee grounds into a pit and stir it for a while;
Add rinds and skins and paper towels to save the garbage heap;
The stench would be too much to bear; it’s something I can’t keep!

And what about those bottles that you want me to reuse,
Those coffee mugs I need to take and often tend to lose –
All this to save some sea life that I’ll never ever see.
Could someone please inform me what it’s got to do with me?

What? You tell me that my children and my children’s children too
Are dependent on this planet, as well as me and you?
That if I don’t soon change my ways there’ll be no planet there?
So I guess, then, what you’re saying is I better start to care.


  1. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe it's the sing-song quality or the repeated questions, but it reminded me of Shel Silverstein, especially 'Sylvia Cynthia Stout would not take the garbage out'.

  2. I take that as a compliment! Thanks!