In the meantime, enjoy the responses I have made to other prompts.

Monday, April 16, 2018

To the Man in the Moon

“I love you to the moon and back,”
is what my mom will say.
Please tell me Mister, are you close
or are you far away?

Since I’m in bed when you get up,
I never see your face.
I need your help to understand
your distance from my place.

So when my mom asks, ”Do you know
just how much I love you?”
with your response I’ll be prepared
to answer, “Yes I do!”

Saturday, March 31, 2018

No Water River prompts

Decisions, Decisions

To tell or not to tell?
I struggle to decide.
What seems a simple choice
has torn me up inside.
Nadine’s my closest friend;
I don’t want that to change,
but telling her the truth
just feels a little strange.
At last I tell myself:
as friends it is your place.
“Nadine,” I say to her,
“There’s ketchup on your face.”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I felt I had to say something about this topic.

Not in My Hands

I’m told I have a gift for teaching,
advancing thought instead of preaching.
Oftentimes my wheels are turning,
searching sites to strengthen learning.

For certain, it’s an endless quest
to find what methods work the best,
for teaching tenets readjust
and, in response, I also must –
unless they make absurd demands
like putting guns in teachers’ hands.

It was inspired by #DimpleVerse's prompt "my gift" on Twitter.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


How Shy Am I?

I like this guy
but can’t reply
when he says hi.
I want to cry.
I won’t deny
I long to try
to catch his eye,
but can’t comply.
With day’s end nigh
I fortify
my grit and I
approach the guy.
I heave a sigh
then say…


For #50 Precious Words
(I have 49 not including the title.)

Rylee, Our Terrified Terrier

Our dog is such a scaredy-cat.
She’s sensitive to noise.
A cell phone ding, a smoke alarm
and many squeaky toys
will send her underneath the bed
or down the basement stairs
or to the safety of a lap
of anyone who cares.

She tries to crawl inside your skin,
of course she can’t succeed,
but who’d expect this kind of fear
from such a feisty breed?
If Rylee’s health is our concern
we cannot light a fire.
When wood is wet, it pops and cracks
which seems to Rylee dire.

If shaking were a power source,
then she could fuel a farm.
So many items set her off
though none should cause her harm.
She even tends to tuck her tail
when someone takes a bite
of apples, pretzels, crunchy foods - 
all give the girl a fright.

We tried to give her sedatives
to take away her stress;
we tried to dry out all the wood,
but still the girl’s a mess!
As time has passed, we’ve given up
as clearly his’try shows,
the only way she’ll get relief 
is if her hearing goes.