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Saturday, February 10, 2018


“Just once,” said Caboose, “I don’t want to be last!
Can’t I make this Valentine’s Special go fast?
I’ve brought up the rear every year from the start.”
“You can’t be the lead,” said the boss. “Though you’re smart,
you don’t have an engine to pull us along.”
“But even without one; I’m still very strong;
I know I can pull all the trains down the track!”
“Forget it, young fellow; now get to the back.
We’ve mountains to climb and we’ve schedules to keep.”
“Okay,” said Caboose as he tried not to weep.
With cars all connected, that Valentine’s Day,
they loaded with hearts and then went on their way.
Caboose kept his spirits by trying to find
a way he could alter his train leader’s mind.
His thoughts on his mission, Caboose didn’t know
while heading up hill they had started to slow
then stopped altogether, but not where they planned.
From someone up front there then came a command,
“We have to reverse there’s a fault on the track;
we need to switch routes; have Caboose guide us back!”
Caboose could not speed as he led them, but still –
he got to go first as they rolled down the hill!

And Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny contest is upon us again.
The theme is hope and the word limit is 214. I hope you enjoy!
Stop by Susanna's website to see all of the other entries.

Friday, January 5, 2018

A Response to WDC Prompt


I read so many romance books
I thought that I was ready
to find myself the perfect man
and ask him to go steady.

Their plots were so completely built
I really thought I knew
just how to find the perfect guy
and then, what we should do.

So early May I started out,
my books left on the shelf,
no formal plan; just these four words,
"Find soulmate for myself."

Although I half expected him
to just run into me,
I looked through all the parks and bars -
that's where they said he'd be.

I searched and searched for many months,
with no success it seems.
In time I thought I'd never find
the husband of my dreams.

And yes there were a couple men
I gave some second looks,
but they were nothing like the guys
who graced the romance books.

And too the music played at times -
the score not heaven-sent -
instead of a sweet symphony
I heard a sharp lament.

No fireworks went off for me;
no stars fell from the sky.
Each one of them turned out to be
some ordinary guy.

It seems the novels skipped a part,
the truth my journey showed:
the world, outside of romance books,
was filled with Av'rage Joe's.

In August when I quit the hunt
and emptied off my shelf,
the gift I gave myself.


Re-posting this story

Truth Be Told

Disney had dubbed him the “Practical Pig.”
The British portrayed him as wise.
Conspiracy theorists and those in the know
Have called him a crook in disguise.

It wasn’t the plan of his brothers to build
Their houses of straws or of sticks.
Exploiting the lack of their practical sense
He told them they’re stronger than bricks.

The truth known as well is the wolf didn’t die,
Nor did he get burned on his bum.
By stalking and eating the other two pigs
The third would reward him a sum.

The three were the heirs to a goodly amount –
They came from a long wealthy line.
Though their kinfolk were kind and respected to date,
The eldest was truly a swine.

A greedy, barbaric and angry young pig,
He stomped on poor kittens for fun.
He tortured his brothers by stealing their food.
His antics were second to none.

But most did not see what his true colors were;
He did all his work on the sly.
And that’s why the authors believed him to be
A clever, considerate guy.

With dirty work done and the money paid off
The wolf and the pig parted ways.
The pig bought some acres all covered in mud
To live out the rest of his days.

Just Enough Tears - a 30-Day Image prompt from WDC

Just Enough Tears

A giant ogre came to town.
He found the house of Mayor Brown
and said, “I’ll tear your village down
unless you quench my thirst!”

The mayor cried, “We have a store.
Its shelves are filled with drinks galore,
enough to quench your thirst for sure!
Please drink up all you want.”

“The ogre drank up every drop,
enough to make one’s belly pop,
but no, not him, he would not stop!
When done he asked for more!

The mayor knew not what to do,
but just in time, the rains came through.
Folks filled up buckets old and new
and gave them to the beast.

He drank up all the rain that fell
then drained the water from their well.
The mayor was too sad to tell
when ogre was not done.

The mayor said, “Our well is dry,
The rain has rung out of the sky.”
Defeated, he began to cry
as did the people too.

A youngster had a useful thought.
He saw the tears; there were a lot.
He passed around some cups he’d brought
To gather all the drops.

From drinking tears dropped village-wide 
The ogre’s thirst was satisfied!
He left to roam the countryside.
The boy, the hero now.

The Element in Me - a 30-Day Image prompt from WDC

The Element in Me

According to astrology
my element is air.
The times I’ve read my horoscope
admittedly are rare,
but challenged to consider it,
I opted to compare
what I perceived as traits of mine
with traits ascribed to air.

I must agree my brain, like air,
is constantly in motion.
Before one thought can wrap it up
there comes another notion.
Although, perhaps, not quite enough
to fill the smallest ocean,
I sometimes see my skin turn green
because of all the motion!

A strength of air is it’s carefree,
but not a strength of mine.
They say I can develop it;
with that I would be fine!
To think I might blow stress away
sounds suspect and divine
when motherhood and hankering
define this life of mine.

We both have flexibility,
the air though more than me.
The word distractibility
describes me to a tee.
But as to other weaknesses
I can and can’t agree.
I’m not a bit insensitive,
though selfish could be me.

I’ve found this task informative,
but it won’t change my ways.
I still won’t read my horoscope
for wisdom it relays.
Yet, maybe knowing I am air
will lighten up some days.
With that my life could benefit
in oh so many ways!

This is the resource I used to learn more about the elements.

L.A., Here I Come (but not for real) - a 30-Day Image prompt from WDC

L.A., Here I Come

I’m sorry dearest Mom and Dad.
This London weather drives me mad.
The doctor even says it’s so –
to save my health I have to go.

The sunshine rarely greets my eyes,
which leaves me lacking hormone-wise.
The serotonin in my brain
is not enough to keep me sane.

But as to melatonin, well,
the darkness makes its levels swell.
In daytime, when I’ve jobs to keep
it causes me to fall asleep!

My bosses aren’t too pleased with me;
I’m not the girl I used to be.
The move to London from L.A.
turned both my skies and brain to grey.

I tried a box from Dr. White
to simulate the missing light,
but even it could not produce
the needed serotonin juice.

So, sorry Mom and Dad, I tried.
Without the sun my brain is fried.
Although it’s hard, I hope you’ll see
why L.A. is the place for me. 

This is the link I used for my poem:

Flawed Memories? - a 30-Day Image prompt from WDC

Flawed Memories?

As folks recall
in olden days
they walked to school
uphill both ways.

There were no kids
with ADD.
Just kids like them
is what they’d see.

No health-impaired
of any kind.
Except for rogues,
all kids would mind.

With teachers free
to spare no rod.
Their lone account
would be to God.

I have to think 
these folks aren't right,
their stories skewed
by narrow sight.

For what I see
in class these days 
has vastly changed 
in many ways.

Could kids have changed 
through time this much
or were these folks
just out of touch?