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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Madness Poetry- - Round Three!

Yes, It's Us

At 8 o’clock on Tuesday nights
My mom must watch T.V.
I just need sixty minutes, Sid,”
Is what she says to me.

I had not done my homework yet
And knew I ought to try,
But chose, instead, to walk outside
Where something caught my eye.

Above the trees a saucer-shape
Was spinning like a top.
Its ring of neon-colored lights
Flashed on and off non-stop.

I'd never seen a spaceship, but
It looked like one to me.
I ran back in and told my mom,
“You have to come and see!!”

I really want to watch my show;
Now go upstairs and play!”

“But Mom, I saw a U.F.O.!”

That’s what you always say!”

I promise I’ll be with you Sid
When 'This Is Us' is done.
For goodness sake; it's just an hour;
I only ask for one!”

“But Mom!”

Sidney Alowishus Johnson,
Get yourself to bed! “

We both turned our attention
When the news announcer read,
“Your show has been preempted to
Report a UFO.”

I simply smiled and said to mom,
“See. I told you so.”

The word I had to incorporate was "preempted." We had a limit of 1,000 characters this time.

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