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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Based on WDC Picture Perfect Poetry image prompt of Cupid

A Simple Request

Cupid, let me ask you why
Each time you aim you pass me by?
I know you fly by night and day
Yet never opt to shoot my way.
Well yes, there’s been a time or two
I thought that I was hit by you,
But found the aching in my heart
Was indigestion on my part.
For all these years I’ve stood in wait
But never met my perfect date.
I only ask for looks and brains
And hope for some financial gains.
For sixty years I’ve dealt with debt
So many things I could not get,
Like dental visits once a year
But dentures could fix that, I hear.
The warts, as well, might be a sight.
(I tried to get the rats to bite,
But they refused, for goodness sakes!
I fed them to my tanks of snakes.)
Put all these minor flaws aside.
My heart is strong; let me confide,
I’ve loved my forty cats for years;
We’ve shared so many laughs and tears.
But conversation’s rather weak;
Those fickle beasts are loath to speak.
By talking to a man instead,
I’d hush the voices in my head.
Please know I have a lot to give
And I can change the way I live;
So Cupid, you must understand:
My future is in your command.
You have to aim your bow my way
And make this single lady’s day!

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