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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Last Day of the 30 Day Image Prompt contest!!

Brush Strokes

You see the world in black and white;
you’re right and I am wrong.
Sometimes I have to let it go
for us to get along.

But how I wish one day you’d see
the colors in between:
how you perceive the words I say
is not the way I mean.

Our minds don’t process thoughts alike,
our genders aren’t the same,
nor is the way we each were raised.
It’s not a case of blame.

It’s understanding differences,
appreciating hues.
I paint my thoughts with reds and greens
and you paint yours with blues.

It doesn’t mean one’s right or wrong.
Respect each other's art.
There's truth in words we each convey
from palettes far apart.

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