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Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Wish Come True

The kitty cat sat staring at
the goldfish in the bowl.
The fish thought, I must make a move
before he eats me whole!

He then said to the kitty cat,
“For you, I’ll make a deal.
I’ll grant you seven wishes
if you don’t make me your meal.”

The cat said, “I am not a fool;
you can’t grant any wish,
much less make seven dreams come true.
You’re clearly just a fish!”

“I beg of you to let me try.
What damage can it do?
Just tell me what you want, then give
one day to make it true.

Although the cat was skeptical,
one day was not too long. 
How bountiful his life would be
if he were proven wrong!

“Okay,” agreed the doubtful cat.
“My first request is mice,
a lifetime’s worth of well-fed ones – 
organic would be nice!” 

“Then next I’ll take some catnip plants
that never ever die,
and fresh-caught tuna once a week,
an infinite supply.”

“That’s all for now my goldfish friend.
Tomorrow is the test.
If you deliver on these three,
I’ll let you know the rest.”

The goldfish bid the cat adieu,
then he began to pray
the boy who owned him would show up
and make an overlay. 

The cat, who had a fitful sleep,
with dreams about his haul,
expected mice when he woke up,
but saw no mice at all.

“Perhaps I need to go to him 
to cash in,” said the cat,
but when he got down to the fish
he only saw a rat.

The goldfish bowl was covered up,
the goldfish swimming free.
“You have no magic,” hissed the cat.
“How could you swindle me?”

The goldfish answered through the vents,
“I simply told the kid
you threatened you would eat me up
and so he made this lid.”

This is a part of a 30-Day writing challenge on Two images a day and the writer only has to respond to one. This is day 17.

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