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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Once Upon a Day - for Real

Today was like a fairy tale 
(without a noble steed,
or handsome prince or evil witch
or princess to be freed).

It did involve a girl and boy
who, when they tried to swim,
would always hold their noses
and the chance they’d stop was slim!

No coaxing from their caring aunt
convinced them to let go.
When urged to try without the plugs
they flatly answered no.

Until, that is, this morning when
their swimming class began
with young adult instructors
named Elizabeth and Anne.

They told them to blow bubbles
and to, at the same time, hum.
My nephew said he couldn’t 
and my niece looked somewhat glum.

But after many minutes
and their coaches’ repartee,
both heads were underwater
and they each had two hands free!

The grins upon their faces matched
the grin upon my own,
but tears were shed by only me – 
a trait for which I’m known.

This fairy tale continues
with an aging aunt of mine
whose health for fifteen years or so
has been on the decline.

Her long-term care insurance
covered housing for a bit,
but then, for reasons no one knew,
the server ended it.

She moved to cousin Billy’s;
he’s her second oldest son.
Though he’s known for many virtues,
having patience isn’t one.

So, Bev comes to the rescue;
she’s the only girl of four,
as well, the most persistent,
not a voice folks could ignore.

The care was reinstated
which is why this story’s told,
for I went to see Aunt Donna
in a setting to behold!

She has her own apartment,
plus her meals are all prepared,
her laundry’s done, her rooms are cleaned,
and company is shared.

A nurse is there to tend to her
at least two times a day.
I could not be more pleased for her
to know she lives this way! 

Next, as this tale comes to an end,
I’m heading to D.C.
to catch a flight to Hartford
where my husband waits for me.

With backpack on and bag in tow
I leave my aunt to find
a transport to the metro,
but I have no route in mind.

I bank on faith and maybe luck
to help me find a ride,
then added in some extra time
to search the city side.

But just as I had crossed the street
a woman stopped her car.
She asked if I could use a lift,
without a clue how far.

I cannot stress how strange it was
for her to stop right then.
It could not ever happen 
if I tried this trek again!

She drove me into Dulles,
but she would not take a cent.
She took the hug I offered her,
then on her way she went.

I journeyed on without a hitch,
but had to shake my head,
though life is not a fairy tale,
this day would do instead.


  1. Very nice. I wasn't sure where all the rambling would lead, swimming lessons to assisted living to a stranger offering a lift.....Great news about Aunt Donna. Love and peace, Pam

  2. Thanks sis! It was truly an awesome day, and great to see Aunt Donna in such a good place. I had to go on a bit to tell the whole story. Thanks for reading it!! I love you!!