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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Long Live the Rhyme!

Once upon a recent time
in the land of making rhyme
people milled the streets all day
and spoke in rhyme along the way.

The best time of the year for all
was when the Poet King would call
his people to the palace moat
to hear what local authors wrote.

Each writer stood upon the pass
and read out to the eager mass.
Each clever word was well received.
Each story plot would be believed.

Though no one format would prevail
t’would often be the children’s tale
adored the most by young and old,
earned mad applause once it was told!

But oh the year when Darkness came!
It set each poet’s work aflame.
It cursed the tongues so not a word
of rhyming verse was ever heard!

The people willed their words to come
but all were struck completely dumb!
The Poet King called forth his men
to slay the force that stilled the pen.

They rode through valley, glen and plain,
the wicked source to ascertain.
No matter what the soldiers tried
it was no use! Their rhyme had died!

And just when Hope at last had stood,
about to leave the town for good
Akeem, a boy, declared to know
how they could make the evil go.

“We must profess our love of rhyme!
We use the language all the time,
but others think it’s silly rot.
We have to show them it is not!”

“Akeem has rhymed!” the people cheered.
“The Darkness too has disappeared!
Let’s listen to this clever boy
and spread the word of rhyming joy!”

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