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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Looking through some old pieces I wrote - some nonfiction, some fiction - and came across this one.

Uncharted Territory

When years ago
my ship set sail
rough waters ruled the way.
With frequent squalls
and thunderstorms,
my skies were colored grey.

But that was when
my helm was steered
by someone else's hands,
who never had
the kinds of skills
such seamanship demands.

Yet through those rough
and rugged seas
one vision kept me moored -
the dream to see
my words in print's
what kept my feet on board.

Then over time
when I took hold
and got my bearings straight,
I charted then
a different course,
one I could navigate.

I sailed along
life's ebb and flow,
rode steady with the tide,
kept out of way
of troubled waves,
held fast to leeward side.

Now decades past,
the waters calm
that dream's still in my sight -
to have the
to share the words I write.

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