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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Solid Choice...inspired by

A Solid Choice

Mary had a little lamb,
Whose fleece was charcoal black;
It ran away from home one day,
And never did come back.

Then Mary bought a brindle pup
And tied him to a tree,
But puppy ate right through his leash
And let himself run free.

So Mary thought she’d get a goat
And let him roam around.
When Mary came back home from school,
Her goat could not be found.

(Perhaps its disappearance
Could be blamed upon the fact
In Mary’s mother’s garden,
Not a plant was left in tact.)

Mary did some research next,
Then bought a spotted mouse.
But sure enough, by suppertime,
It roamed around the house.

Mary searched for days and days,
But only found its fur,
Deducing that her brother’s cat
Had mouse inside of her.

So, Mary sat down with her mom,
Of all her luck took stock,
And figured her best bet would be
To buy a grey pet rock.


  1. Gave me a giggle!