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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Levity...I hope

Dear Therapist,

Several years ago
When our last session ended,
Despite your advice
That it should be extended,
You said keep in touch,
Let you know how I do,
So I’m writing it down
In this letter to you:

My children disowned me
My husband left town,
My boss sent a pink slip
So I colored it brown.
I wear my shirts backwards –
The ones stained with wine,
My socks smell like lunchmeat,
Besides that, I feel fine.

I’ve a crush on Jay Leno
He’s the first man I see
When I crawl out of bed
And turn on the T.V.
I started a fan club
With member count one
So I meet with myself—
Besides that, my life’s fun.

When I open the icebox
The smell makes me gag
I eat cans of food
From a brown paper bag.
There’s a wide range of choice
Since the cat ran away.
(I still sleep with his toys)
Besides that, I’m okay.

When I walk in my room
I just follow the path
Through the mountains of clothes
And the piles of trash
I’d give you a call
But the bill’s six months late
So the phone line’s cut-off—
Besides that, I feel great!

I’ve a question to ask –
‘Cause I’ve wondered a lot
If the fuzz in my tub
Should be watered or not?
It glows in the dark
When I turn out the light
So I bathe in the sink—
Besides that, I’m alright.

There’s no cause for concern,
From this note you can tell
That I’ve conquered my fears
And I’m doing quite well;
Know I made the right choice
When I bid you adieu
I’ve no cares in this world…
Well…except for a few.


  1. This is awesome. Full of chuckles, and a couple of right-out-loud laughs. I find myself wishing it were a real letter sent to a dumped therapist by a patient who had finally had enough of the "how does that make you feel?" and that I could see the therapist's face when he read it.

    Oh, and that fuzz in the tub? For heaven's sake don't water it! It'll take over your life. ;-)

  2. Thanks for a big laugh. Your blog is great fun. Thanks, too, for the visit to mine and the bread crumbs that allowed me to find you. Hugs, pat

  3. Dark and amusing. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

  4. A humorous take on the need for therapy or therapy from you I write as my therapy...I call it pencil therapy...saves me lots of money... :)