In the meantime, enjoy the responses I have made to other prompts.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Response to Carry on Tuesday prompt, "Home is where the heart is."


You ask me
where I live.
I say, “Within myself.”

“Nonsense!” you reply.
“I mean, where is your house?”

“It’s here,
within my heart;
it beats
inside of me.”

You shake your head
and laugh.
“How silly
can you be?”

I smile
and reply,
“The walls I had
burnt down.
I built it from
my memories;
it’s built on
solid ground.
And though I may need
my home will
always be
a place
within my heart
that beats
inside of me.”

Note: I have not lost my house to fire.  This is just where my mind went when I started thinking about what the prompt meant.



  1. I like this. I really do. Cheers, Wendy

  2. The perfect and absolute use of the prompt.