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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Sevenling

Extra helpings,
birthday parties,
fairies taking flight

Empty bellies,
drive-by shootings,
shivers in the night

The child knows; it’s not right.

Explanation of the form (much longer than the poem itself ☺).
The first three lines should contain an element of three - three connected or contrasting statements, or a list of three details, names or possibilities. This can take up all of the three lines or be contained anywhere within them. Then, lines four to six should similarly contain an element of three, connected directly or indirectly or not at all. The seventh line should act as a narrative summary or punchline or as an unusual juxtaposition. There are no set metrical rules, but being such as short form, some rhythm, meter or rhyme is desirable. To give the form a recognizable shape, it should be set out in two stanzas of three lines, with a solitary seventh, last line. Titles are not required. A sevenling should be titled Sevenling followed by the first few words in parentheses The tone of the sevenling should be mysterious, offbeat or disturbing, giving a feeling that only part of the story is being told. The poem should have a certain ambiance which invites guesswork from the reader.


  1. great sevenling.. my entry..

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I know very little of the technicalities regarding poetry. It's nice to get a little info now and then. It appears you've written quite a nice sevenling! I enjoyed reading it.

    My entry:

  3. thank you for explaining this to me happy gooseberry days

  4. it reads "complicated' but the poem was nice :)
    Happy gooseberry day!

  5. It is a complex form and it was a challenge to write, but I think the end product fit the form well (if I do say so myself - lol).

  6. I had never heard of this form before, thanks for that and I enjoyed the read immensely