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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Response To Sunday's Scribblings prompt "tomorrow."


I almost put my sneakers on
To go out for a run,
But then decided watching sports
Would be a lot more fun.
I almost chose to ride my bike
When I went to the mall,
But then decided driving there
Was faster after all.

I almost bought a healthy lunch
When I went to the store,
But tasted German sausages
And knew I wanted more.
I almost took three flights of stairs
When I went to go home,
But then the elevator came,
As did my friend Jerome.

I almost parked my car last week
The farthest space away,
But then the forecast called for rain
Which made it a bad day.
I almost put the ice cream back
Before I went to bed,
But said I’d start that plan next week
And ate two scoops instead.

I had a major heart attack
Last night I almost died. 
I almost made excuses but –
The truth won’t be denied.


  1. so much for new year's resolutions.

  2. Well that is certainly a good way of avoiding tomorrow...(sorry about that pause)...I was just doing some exercises!

  3. Oh dear, your diet sounds just like mine... Lovely fun rhyme too!