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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

For Kevin - Happy 26th anniversary!

Marriage is a funny thing, 
Two people say, “I do.”
Then try to mesh their varied lives
By making one of two.

It’s also odd, the randomness
Of how it comes to be.
Some strangers cross each other’s path
And have their hearts agree.

Most enter in with issues packed
As weighted as an ox
And try to make each other fit
Within a certain box.

Then add to that one’s age in life. 
With all the folks I’ve met
The longer people live alone
Their ways are firmer set.

So how is it, for all these years,
Though wed at thirty-two,
With ample baggage brought along
And inverse points of view

We somehow made our marriage work
For six years plus a score?
Three awesome kids, concessions made,
And staunchness to the core.

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