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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Bear Necessities

He tells me I’m a bit too old to need my teddy still.
I promise him I’ll wean myself (but doubt I ever will).
He’s been with me since I was born; I call him Mr. T.
He used to always come along, a constant part of me.
I never had to suck my thumb because I felt secure.
When Mr. T. was by my side, there’s much I could endure.
Like visits to Doc Robinson’s or trying days at school,
Just never when we had to eat was Mother’s only rule.
Although I had to leave him home when starting second grade,
I tucked his picture in my bag, and held it when afraid.
And over time I’d need him less; he stayed up in my bed,
So in the day I’d have my friends to use for strength instead.
But anytime I’d go to bed, when sick or time for sleep
My Mr. T was what I used instead of counting sheep.
Still to this day he calms me down; he helps me when I'm stressed.
I only have to hold him tight, to give my mind a rest.
So yes I’ll take him on this trip; it’s something I must do.
I haven’t stopped at fifty-one, perhaps at fifty-two.

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