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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Not Quite Superman

My idol had been Superman;
I’d worshipped him since I was four.
The fact he was adopted too
Caused me to like him even more.

Decisions I would have to make
Were often patterned after Clark –
The glasses I would have to wear,
The job on which I would embark.

My feigned association got
A little too far out of hand
The day I saw a burglary
And thought I’d take the crook in hand.

I stepped into the nearest booth,
Imagined my appearance changed,
Then popped right out to stop the thief
Who thought I was a man deranged.

“Twas then I knew that Clark and I
Had absolutely naught the same.
My x-ray vision didn’t work;
My superpowers never came!

While lying in the ambulance
The other fact I learned too late,
A super trait I did not have –
His power to regenerate.

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