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Sunday, July 12, 2015 for 7/13

Order Please!

With fashion trends I’m not concerned
And not inclined to make a fuss
But when it comes to running gear
Just who designs for fifty-plus?

Who wants to see my wrinkled skin,
Accordions each step I take.
With shorts that barely reach my thighs
I scare the kids, for goodness sake! 

I cannot be the only one
Whose body’s posted signs of age
Can’t someone out there please design
A clothing line to fit this stage?

To anyone who’ll take the job,
I’d like the line above the knees,
Elastic waist would be a plus,
And also add some pockets please!

I guarantee you’ll sell these shorts
With elder women staying fit.
Please make them soon; I'm getting old, 
Then set the price and I'll remit.

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