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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bad Kitty!

"Dear Cat I beseech you
Allow me to leave.
My children will miss me;
My dear wife will grieve.
My body is lean
And my stature is small
I’m certain myself
Won’t sustain you at all.”

“My mouse, I applaud you
For stating your plea.
How brave of you, sir,
For flattering me.
For thinking I’m caring
And willing to chat.
You seem to forget,
My dear mouse, I’m a cat.”

“Perhaps, my fair feline,
Perhaps if you’d wait
A much larger portion
Will walk through this gate.
Or if you’d allow me
To show you the way
I know where a large pack
Of prairie dogs play.
They’re fat from the grasslands,
Quadruple my size.
A meal for your stomach
As big as your eyes.”

“You think me a fool
You mus musculus* beast.
I am up for a snack
And not wanting a feast!
And of course I know well
Where those rodents reside.
Stop looking around.
It is too late to hide!”

“But think of my children;
Please think of my wife.
I beg of you Kitten
Please spare me my….”

*This is the species of a house mouse.

Yesterday's Writer's Cramp prompt from was to write a story or poem that was all dialogue with no tags.

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