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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Make Me a Double

Writer's Cramp winner, May 17, 2015

Make Me a Double

In two-thousand seventy-two
While looking for something to do
I noticed an ad
For the most recent fad
Displayed in my hologram view.

“With no flying patterns to clear
And no regulations to fear
Why purchase a drone
When we’ll sell you a clone?
The best selling product this year!

“An investment you’ll want to explore
Though it might cost a little bit more.
With the workload you’ll share
There is naught can compare
And delivery’s right to your door!

“The instructions are easy as pie.
(Another good reason to buy.)
Its computerized brain
Is the kind you can train
Come see us and give it a try!”

So, of course by the end of the day
They had gotten my clone underway.
It is worth all I spent
(Which was double my rent)
If my clone can do work while I play.

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