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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Sunday morning limericks - the rhyming word is hound

For searching they brought out the hound
“The best-sniffing hunt dog around!”
But instead of the punk
It uncovered a skunk
And the stench from its spray was profound!


We went to a breeder I found
And purchased a highly-bred hound.
It had issues galore
And we paid so much more.
Our next dog will come from the pound.


Though in practice I don’t like to hound
There are moments I have to, I’ve found.
Like when neighbors complain
Of our jungle terrain
I feel like I have to expound.

I have been participating in Mad Kane's Limerick-off for a number of years now. I figure I may as well post them on my blog. With school still in session and no one pushing me to write, my creative juices are not flowing as well these days.

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