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Monday, May 18, 2015

To Lady C

To follow your prompt
What words can I say?
You put up a task
That I’m up tp today.
A difficult job
But I’m wanting to play.
How long will I last
Without going astray?

My Lady, I ask 
What dawns upon you
To bid of us authors
To labor on through
Avoiding a symbol
By calling taboo
A mark to occur
Most commonly too!

How galling a task,
I might say a sin.
Would Frost opt to try
With topics so thin?
To handcuff my thought
To slow down my spin
You truly must know
What hardship I’m in.

But forging on through,
Though fabric is light,
I did what I could
To finish my fight
I trust you don’t mind,
With options so slight,
I stop with this bunk now
And call it a night.

This is a total nonsensical rhyme for The prompt was to write a lipogram where we had to avoid the letter e.

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