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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Truth Be Told

 Disney had dubbed him the “Practical Pig.”
The British portrayed him as wise.
Conspiracy theorists and those in the know
Have called him a crook in disguise.

It wasn’t the plan of his brothers to build
Their houses of straws or of sticks.
Exploiting the lack of their practical sense
He told them they’re stronger than bricks.

The truth known as well is the wolf didn’t die,
Nor did he get burned on his bum.
By stalking and eating the other two pigs
The third would reward him a sum.

The three were the heirs to a goodly amount –
They came from a long wealthy line.
Though their kinfolk were kind and respected to date,
The eldest was truly a swine.

A greedy, barbaric and angry young pig,
He stomped on poor kittens for fun.
He tortured his brothers by stealing their food.
His antics were second to none.

But most did not see what his true colors were;
He did all his work on the sly.
And that’s why the authors believed him to be
A clever, considerate guy.

With dirty work done and the money paid off
The wolf and the pig parted ways.
The pig bought some acres all covered in mud
To live out the rest of his days.

Today's Writer's Cramp asked us to tell rewrite the ending of the Three Little Pigs.

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