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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Portable Place

The single place I love to write
Will travel with me day and night.
It’s with me when I’m in the car.
It’s with me when I’m at the bar.
And when I choose to sit a spell
The single place is there as well.
Then anytime I go away
My place is with me everyday.
In Timbuktu or Delaware
My special place is always there.

And yes, I need at my command
Some writing tools to keep on hand – 
A journal and a chosen pen,
A voice recorder now and then – 
To note before the thoughts erase
The words I author in my space.
(For at my age a thought is gone
As quickly as a rookie’s pawn,
So if I fail to make a note
Its chance of loss is not remote.)

In summary I always bring
My writing place to everything – 
A car, a bar, a picnic spot – 
It never leaves. (I write a lot.)
No need for comfy chairs or lights
No need for oceanic sites.
No need for certain rooms instead,
My favored place is in my head.

A co-winner in the Writer's Cramp prompt asking us to write about out favorite writing place.

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