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Sunday, April 12, 2015

All in a Morning

While daughters sleep
I rise
Slip on running shoes and shorts,
Program IPOD
Wave to husband and
Jog to boardwalk
For day’s first view of ocean. 

Routine includes
Dodging morning boardwalkers or
Passing slower runners,
Heading to Henlopen, Route 1 or lake,
Then back home. 

Don t-shirt, shorts and sneakers. 
Avoid bathing suit
Except when temperature exceeds 95.
Eat breakfast
Walk with hubby to latest coffee shop standing –
Brew Ha-ha, Coffee Mill or Coffee House.

Hours later,
Daughters awaken.
Dad takes breakfast orders
Bacon, eggs and bagels. 
Kids dress, apply sunscreen and pack
Towels, books, sunglasses and chairs.
Late arrival lands us
Several umbrellas away from ocean,
But we are at the beach.
They are happy,
I am happy.

Husband stays back.
Enjoying peace and quiet of empty house.
He is happy.

Undiagnosed ADHD keeps me from lounging at length
But I search for school of dolphins
Before leaving sun-worshipping daughters.

Return trip to coffee shop

Completes perfect morning.

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