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Friday, April 17, 2015

To the Couple at Tide Line Gallery

To the couple who told me they don’t like the news
For its heartbreaking stories and partisan views
I offer them Facebook to keep up to date –
You read what you want and you don’t have to wait.

No matter the time of the night or the day
You’ll see what your friends and professionals say.
But know you’re entitled to pass anytime
A story relating a horrible crime.

You’ll learn “crocheted shorts seem to be all the rage”
By viewing my friend Reagan Forrester’s page.
And Max will inform you of “Start Wars” release,
Attaching his own editorial piece.

Then see CBS if you’re dying to know
How canines and owners relationships grow,
How blue-collared parents who’d labored with tools
Imagine their son at all Ivy-league schools.

The stories are endless (and often bizarre);
Your outtake depends on how patient you are.
Just scan through the pages of post after post
Hit “like” for the ones that impress you the most.

It’s easy, I tell you. You’ll be in the know.
Join Facebook today for your news on the go!

So the prompt for today, in honor of National Poetry Month from NaPoWriMo.netis to write a poem relating to social media.  This - the encounter with the couple and the news from Facebook - actually happened today, but my suggestion to go to Facebook for news is not to be taken too seriously.

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