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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Help Wanted

Attention employers of any degree
I’m begging for someone to answer my plea –
My son is in need of a job of some kind
Be it white or blue collared, I really don’t mind.
It would help, though unlikely from what I deduce,
If his ten years of college could somehow produce,
But what he can do with a Fine Arts degree,
As I’ve told him quite often, is well beyond me.

If you’re looking for grit and a confident voice
I’m sorry; my son’s not the logical choice.
If you’re looking for youth and a flexible bent
I suspect you will need a more qualified gent.
But I know there’s a job my son Morris can do.
He’s great with remotes and with web-surfing too!
His skin is as thick as an elephant’s hide.
Not too much can phase him; believe me I’ve tried.

For forty-five years I’ve supported my son.
Can’t someone please help me? For God’s sake, I’m done.

Today, in honor of National Poetry Month invites us to write a poem that conveys the same urgency as “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” which event is celebrating its 240th anniversary.  So maybe the topic of my poem is not as historic, but…