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Monday, April 20, 2015

What I Know

I miss my daughters.
I know I miss them
more than they miss me.
It is hard to let them go.
I am lucky to be their mother and
I am ridiculously proud of all three of them.
I know I want to protect them from any harm,
but can’t.

I know I love my husband – and to be able to say that
after twenty-five years of marriage
is pretty cool.

I know I am afraid of getting old.

I know I hate the cold and love to sleep.
I know I want red wine and black coffee to be superfoods.

I know I am a survivor, a fighter,
and I am grateful I am not
another Statistic.

I know I love word play
and I like it when I write something

I know I want there to be a heaven
and if I die before my children,
I want to be able to look down from there
so I can continue to watch them grow.

Today's prompt from in celebration of National Poetry Month is to write about what we know.


  1. Beautiful. I relate to so much of this. My kids (one boy, one girl) are only in junior high, but these begin the "leaving years," emotionally. And coffee and red wine ARE super foods. ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping in De. It is so hard to be away from the girls! They are independent young women, which is great, but they filled up so much of my life the void cannot be filled. Good luck with your transition. I am certain your writing will be part of the therapy you need to survive the empty nest.