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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Say What You Will

As if it’s as real as a layer of skin
A voice in my head says it’s time to begin.
Enough of the dawdling; there’s no more delay
If you’re going to get published, get writing today.

Why bother to struggle? What good will it do?
The world is bombarded with people like you.
You’ll never be published; the market’s awash
Your dream’s like an ant someone else needs to squash.

If only, I say, I could happen to friend
Some like-minded people with like-minded end
What talent I have would indeed get the boost
It needs to at last get those stories produced.

Girl, no one will help you, in case you forgot –
Each person’s wrapped up in her own little knot.
Stop looking for kudos and wasting your time.
Few people have interest in stories with rhyme.

But why, I then ask me, if no one will care
For rhyming and meter do I have a flare?
Is this but a trick Satan plays with the mind
Conferring false hopes in a trusting mankind?

What flare are you thinking you seem to possess?
You’re read by a dozen admirers or less.
How hard can it be to put words on a page?
It’s equal to breathing for someone your age.

Perhaps you’re correct, but as well, here’s my plight:
The truth of the matter’s I just need to write.

Today's prompt for's celebration of National Poetry Month is to write a poem about opposing viewpoints.  This is poem is a real conversation that goes on within my mind (although I don't always think in rhyme), to no resolution.

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