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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Way to Show Your Gratitude

I hear you speak of my demise –
like a swayback horse I
bowed at the center,
in your backyard.

How proudly I once stood with
my unweathered wood,
shiny silver chains hanging
like necklaces
with yellow and blue seats
inviting your daughters
to come
take a seat.

This is where they learned,
reach out, pull back
reach out, pull back
reach out, pull back.
Great job girls!

I remember you sitting next to them
pumping too.
Who would be the first to reach
the tips of the leaves?
What times we had!

my seats sit still
unless moved by the wind
my wood is weakened by age
and so you speak
of my demise
dismantle and
for Monday morning 

a send-off.

Today's suggested form from was to write a persona poem, which means to write from the perspective of a person or thing.

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