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Friday, April 3, 2015

Choosing from the Rainbow

In talks with older women now about careers pursued.
Responses may be passionate, but often are subdued.
A teacher, nurse, or kitchen staff, there’s little they could do
A crayon pack of only eight, the options then were few.
But now the rainbow’s opened up, the choices vast and wide
Those starting out to carve their niche are struggling to decide.
From hotel clerk to president, and all shades in between
A palette’s flooded with more hues than folks have ever seen.

In talking to those younger ones about which way to go
I’m little help except to say the one thing they should know:
If once you make a certain choice and find you are opposed
You’re always free to pick again; the box is never closed.

This is written for  I'm two days late getting on board, but hoping to make up for lost time.  The poem is a fourteener, having fourteen syllables per line.

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