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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Emperor

Artist plays
            With clichés

On a stone
            On a throne
                        Sits a man
                                    With a plan

In his robe
            With a globe
                        Holds the land
                                    In his hand

Grasps the spikes 
            Lightning strikes
                        Vulture spies
                                    Mountains rise

Picture played
            Strength portrayed
                        What could be
                                    Meant for me?

Today for we were supposed to shuffle a deck of cards, pull one out, free write for five minutes and then write a poem from the writing. I pulled the Emperor from my deck of Tarot cards (that I bought years ago specifically for the purpose of finding inspiration for writing and used maybe once before today). I can’t say I am proud of the outcome, but it is done.


  1. Wow love it- well done...
    See my words at:

    1. I will definitely check them out! I am so excited you stopped by and left a note. Thank you!